Commercial – CCTV Surveillance Camera System

At Allied Protection, we always stay current with the latest technologies and techniques to keep our clients secure, and CCTV (closed-circuit television) is no exception. We offer a broad range of video surveillance solutions that can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to maintain a secure watch on all your facilities, 24/7.

In an organization, numerous benefits come with the ability to monitor and record your workplace activity. Professionally installed CCTV surveillance cameras enable you to monitor customers, employees, and suppliers onsite or remotely. They also provide a deterrent to theft, lawsuits, harassment and loss

We offer a range of choices, from traditional analog CCTV systems to the latest IP based digital solutions. We offer from stand-alone cameras for an office to full CCTV coverage for large buildings.

Available features and benefits of CCTV Systems provided by Allied Protection includes:

  • Dome, Bullet or Box Cameras
  • Infrared Illumination
  • Wide range of digital video recorders
  • Mobile connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Video recorders capture and provide the retrieval of archived video data;
  • Visual provides theft deterrence against hold-ups, inventory shrinkage, and property crimes;
  • System integrates with intrusion and panic system
  • Control of entries and exits can be maintained by combining video surveillance with central guard station monitors
  • Single channel or multi-camera recording;
  • Image search by specific time or event;
  • Programmable resolution and storage duration;
  • Optional Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity;
  • Digital quality for sharp, clear images;
  • Quickly locate and play back images

Network connection provides multiple location viewing including mobile