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As the need for CCTV systems continue to grow in Jamaica, there are numerous benefits that come with the ability to monitor and record what kind of activities are happening in your home. As such, it is paramount that home owners contract a security company with the necessary expertise to properly install and maintain their system.

Professionally installed CCTV surveillance security cameras from Allied Protection Limited enable you to monitor your home and most importantly, your loved ones. All of this can be done onsite, or remotely. CCTV surveillance cameras also provide a deterrent to theft and many other undesirable activities that can take place when you are not at home.

Control your home’s security system remotely with your smartphone or mobile device.

  • Arm and check the status of your security system.
  • Receive 10-second video clips of event notifications.
  • Disarm and silence your system.
  • Use your mobile device as a remote keypad console.
  • View live feed from your home – indoors or outdoors.
  • Look in or capture video clips anytime.
  • Lock/Unlock Door.
  • Turn on/off AC Thermostats and adjust temperature.
  • Turn off/on lights.

The corporate environment is an area in which the security officer is responsible not only to secure the premises, but to represent the face of your business to the world. With over three (3) decades of experience in the security industry, Allied Protection Limited has earned an enviable reputation with respect to the quality and competency of our Guarding Services. With a client base that includes financial institutions, insurance companies, commercial, retail and educational institutions as well as being a major provider of security services to private clients, Allied Protection possesses the requisite expertise in providing quality security guard services for your business or property.

At Allied, we believe that the highest level of personal service and attention that we can provide to our clients is the protection of life. Allied provides Executive/VIP Protection Escort Services to executives and anyone requiring personal protection. We can provide you with plain clothes or uniformed officers to deter unwanted and hostile activities that can affect your personal safety, welfare and business. Our professional CPOs are trained and prepared to provide you with the most effective and discrete protection in order for you to safely conduct your business transactions.

All of our consultancy services are provided by established professionals with extensive field experience. We use practical solutions based on foresight and our extensive experience providing security assessments and recommendations to diverse clientele. Allied can assist you in establishing your own security protocols that will not only save you time and money but prevent considerable unforeseen losses.

Our professional and courteous security officers will stand guard to ensure that on your special occasions you have a safe and peaceful environment in which to entertain your invited guests. We can customize a security detail to meet all of your specific requirements. Whether you need a single guard or a full complement of officers, our officers are trained, flexible and adaptable for any security situation. We recognize that each client has individual needs and resources and we will work with you to create an affordable package that is tailored to your specific needs.

Allied has over Thirty-Five (35) years of experience safeguarding private functions such as:

  • Special Church Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Functions
  • Promotional Events
  • Concerts
  • Parties

Employee safety, internal and external losses, and employee turnover are common security challenges that local businesses face.

To help you maintain a higher level of security, Allied Protection Limited offers a comprehensive product line of security access control systems to suit your specific needs. These include but are not limited to Boom Gate Systems, Code, Card and Biometrics Access Control Systems. These systems are also used to manage access to secure or areas of high sensitivity within your buildings.

Whatever your access control needs may be, at Allied, we can customize, install, and maintain it. We also specialize in integrating systems.  Access control systems may be standalone, appended to an existing security system or deployed as part of a totally integrated security solution design.  This makes management for end users amazingly simple.

Benefits of Access Control includes:

  • Program times and areas for authorized access.
  • Eliminate the need to re-key your building(s) due to turnover.
  • Control access to sensitive or high-risk areas.
  • Disarm intrusion detection sensors during entry to eliminate false alarms.
  • Decrease security threats by restricting walk-ins.
  • Add and delete employees quickly and easily.

QR-Patrol is an innovative Guard Tour monitoring system which helps security companies manage their officers remotely in real-time and get full control over the guard tours accomplished on any location island wide.

The implementation of QR-Patrol system skyrockets the efficiency of companies and offers the ability to upgrade their services via smart technology.

Some core features of QR-Patrol:

  • Mobile – Smartphone technology use
  • Real-time email notifications
  • GPS position tracking
  • Cloud infrastructure – minimum cost require
  • Instant activities report and history logs

Intrusion Detection System remains the cornerstone of security needs, because it is the most cost-efficient way to effectively deter and detect any unauthorized entry or an intrusion to your property. After a break-in, every business owner wished they had taken the simple steps to prevent the costly outcome of crime.

Don’t be the one wishing.  At Allied Protection Limited, our professional security consultants will work with you in creating and providing a security system that will be a deterrent to any would-be intruder. We design our systems in a tailor-made manner in order to provide you with a solution that best suits your needs, all at an affordable price.

When integrated with other systems such as access control and CCTV surveillance, the effectiveness of the IDS is greatly enhanced.

Some of the most devastating events for a company or organization is a fire, break-in and holdup. Scheduling regular tests of fire alarms and smoke detectors can help ensure that your fire prevention systems are ready when needed and that your alarms are in good working order.

Having quarterly or bi-annual maintenance carried out on your electronic security system will reduce the risk of undetected faults and help in ensuring that you continue receiving value for money on your investment.

Allied Protection Limited offers a complete comprehensive maintenance package for new and existing clients.  This small investment in preventive maintenance can save you from major losses that a fire can cause down the road.  A Small Investment for a Big Return.



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